A live classroom course is delivered in a physical location at our institute. The instructor and students meet in person, at an assigned time. Face-to-face learning supports social connections and facilitates immediate feedback from instructors to guide student learning.

These courses meet in real time online via a remote learning platform such as Zoom. Classes meet at regularly scheduled times and you have the opportunity to interact with your instructor and your classroom peers in real time.

A blended course is delivered partially face-to-face and partially online. The instructor and students meet in person at a reduced number of assigned times and locations. These face-to-face meetings are supported by online interactions.

Trainstem offers private one-on-one training to anyone with a busy schedule or prefers working outside formal classroom instruction. Learn IT skills at your convenience, pace, on your own computer at home, at your office, or at our class room location. Receive individual attention to address your concerns so that you can achieve your goals. Our cost-effective learning packages and flexible schedules make it easy and affordable to reach your maximum productivity and efficiency.

Organizations each have their own culture, requirements, and training needs. The majority of the time, it is not feasible to send the complete workforce to public sessions, and the training agenda may not be appropriate for your company or it may not meet your organizational goals.

Offering your workers specialized, internal corporate training is the best course of action. It will address your organization’s HR and training needs and be more timely and relevant.

Custom Corporate Training saves time, is more efficient, and is more cost effective. What’s more, you can schedule it to suit the timing and availability, where most of the staff members can make it easily.
Trainstem provide thorough training on a range of IT, computing, soft skills, and office productivity topics.

Based on the demands of the target audience, the participants’ backgrounds, and the available time, we can create an in-house training program specifically for your company needs.