Vue.JS is a JavaScript framework. It is a lightweight alternative to Angular JS. It is designed to learn how to build interactive web interfaces with Vue.js framework. In this training class, you will also learn Vue.js fundamentals and develop full-fledged web applications using its reactive components.

Course Content

  • Module 1- Introducing Vue.js
  • Module 2- Creating Vue.js Templates
  • Module 3- Binding with Forms in Vue.js
  • Module 4- Responding to User Events in Vue.js 1. Responding to User Events in V
  • Module 5- Conditional Rendering and Rendering of Lists
  • Module 6- Reacting to Data Changes with Filters, Computed Properties, and Watchers

Target Audience

  • This course is recommended for developers and designers who want to use Vue.js to create web applications.


  • Knowledge in JavaScript.
Course Info
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