ICDL Course

ICDL 2022 is designed to build the digital skills of the modern workplace and will help employees and candidates demonstrate their effective use of technology with skills and knowledge needed to

  • Use a computer and operate online effectively
  • Use workplace applications effectively
  • Create complex documents that are attractive and easy to read
  • Organise and analyse data using spreadsheet software
  • Communicate information using presentation software
  • Work effectively in an online team using a range of collaborative tools and platforms
  • Protect data and information on computers, devices, and networks
  • Consider the potential of emerging technologies and have informed conversations with IT specialists

Trainstem offers the most affordable, practical and job-oriented ICDL course in Qatar. You can avail this course online or In-person as per your convenience.

The syllabus content for the seven modules is supported by high-quality elearning materials that establishes core concepts, gives practical examples of implementation, and provides opportunities for reflection. Together with a certification test for each module, this learning can provide an excellent opportunity to develop relevant competences for future career development, or to contribute to continuous professional development.

Course Content

  • Emerging Technologies 2022
  • Online Teamwork
  • Documents Syllabus 6.0
  • Spreadsheets Syllabus 6.0
  • Presentation
  • Cyber Security
  • Computer and Online Essentials

Target Audience

  • Managers who need to have an understanding of Emerging Technologies such as AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing and IoT
  • Managers who need their teams to work together online
  • Individuals looking to demonstrate that they have the skills required for today’s workforce
  • Employees looking to improve their wages and job prospects
  • Professionals looking to diversify and update their digital skills


  • Willingness to learn concepts of new technologies, Computer operations and ms office.
  • Basic computer knowledge: You can be a total newbie, but if you have basic knowledge, it will help you extract the best out of this course.
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