Angular is an extended vocabulary of HTML to be integrated into the application. Trainstem in Qatar imparts professional course in Angular Advance training classes with the best use of Data binding and Controller. Trainstem in Qatar is a leading web design institute, advanced Angular training is conducted under classroom, online and corporate training by experts.

The Angular Course at trainstem, Qatar that would help web development students learn how to effectively write Angular codes in order to create a dynamic and functional web page in the web process.

Course Content


  • What is a SPA?
  • Why Node along with Angular?
  • Single Page Apps vs Conventional Web Applications
  • Anatomy of various versions of Angular Application
  • Angular Environment Set-up
    • NodeJS Setup
    • IDE set-up (VS-Code)
    • Angular-CLI Introduction & Set-up
    • Bootstrap intro & set-up
  • The architecture of Angular
  • Structure of Angular Application


  • Brief Intro to TypeScript
  • Why Use TypeScript
  • Getting Setup in VS-Code
  • Data Types in Type Scripts
  • Function, Fat Arrow Functions
  • var, Let, const
  • Debugging
  • TypeScript Decision Making and Loops Maps
  • TypeScript Class, Interface, Objects, Namespace and Modules
  • TypeScript Generics

Introduction to Component

  • What is a component?
  • Creating a Component class
  • Metadata with Decorator
  • Importing Modules
  • Creating an App Component
  • Angular Bootstrapping process
  • Single Page Application Intro

Template, Interpolation and Directives

  • Introduction
  • Building a Template
  • In-lined And External Templates
  • Building a Component
  • Using Component as a Directive
  • Binding with Interpolation
  • Styling Template
  • Creating and Displaying Data for Component
  • Directives (Built-in i.e *ngIf, *ngFor etc. and Custom) – Create and use Custom directive.

Binding and Pipes

  • Types of Angular Binding (One-Way, Two-Way, Event Binding etc.)
  • Event Handling
  • Transforming Data Using Built-in Pipes
  • Creating Custom Pipes

More on Component (Best practices)

  • Strong Typing & Interfaces
  • Encapsulating Styles
  • Life-cycle hooks of component
  • Relative Path and Module Id – Code
  • Debugging Techniques
  • Building Nested Components
  • what are Nested Components
  • Communication among the Nested Components
  • @Input, @Output
  • Passing Data to a Component
  • Passing Data from a Component

Services and Dependency Injection

  • Angular Service Introduction
  • Building a Service
  • Dependency Injection in Angular
  • Injecting a service
  • Displaying data from Service

Consuming server-side (JSON) data Using HTTP

  • Client-Server Architecture Discussion
  • Retrieving Data using HTTP
  • Get Data from another domain
  • Observable and RxJS (Reactive Extension Concept)
  • Promise vs Observable
  • Exception Handling

Navigation and Routing Basics

  • Routing Concepts
  • Routing Configuration
  • Routes to Acting Tying
  • Passing Parameters to Route

Navigation Routing Advanced Techniques

  • Routes Protection and its Requirement in Web App
  • Types of Guards
  • Building Guard
  • Registering a Guard
  • Implementing Guard in Parametric Routes


  • Controls
  • Control groups
  • Template-driven Forms
  • Reactive Forms

Target Audience

  • Web Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Fresher


  • Sound knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
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